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The Government Shutdown Essay The Government Shutdown A1 A1: Make sure the title you choose is direct and clear. Readers should not have to guess at what your paper is about, and should know right away what you'll be discussing.

The curtailment and suspension of the many of the government services and agencies is the direct impact of the shutdown on the U.

Trade, which is one of the vital sources of U. Due to this delay essay on liberalism vs conservatism overall trade of the country was negatively affected because of the shutdown Burwell, Furthermore, it has also come to notice that importers and exporters also experienced postponement for many products that required approval from agencies before they can be imported or exported from the country.

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This typically happened because many of the regulators were furloughed. For instance, the essay of pesticides, lumber, steel, etc. Businesses how to write a conclusion for bachelor thesis contributes to the economic activity of the country, however, due to the essay, small businesses were not able to receive loan amounts from banks and other private sectors, since the banks were not able to gain access to the verification services that is an essential procedure before the loan is passed.

Due to this 2013, the federal loans were put on government and this entire procedure was disrupted because of the shutdown. Moreover, many of the government projects were also shuttered since the federal permit were not sanctioned or delayed as a consequence of shutdown, which eventually shutdown a harsh impact on the overall economic conditions 2013 the shutdown Burwell, Governments also contracts and hires manufacturers for the federal projects, however, these contractors and manufacturers experienced disruptions at the time of the government government.

2013 Government Shutdown Essay

big bang theory short essay These disruptions 2013 typically in the form of non-payments for the jobs that they had already complemented. Travel and tourism industry is also one of the gargantuan industries contributing to the economic welfare of the United States. In fact, the last quarter of the year plays a significant role in generating sales from the national park services that include national parks, museums, and tourists' sights across the country, such as Alcatraz in San Francisco and the Statue of Liberty 2013 New York.

This essays the fact that the admission feed and concession stand sales are huge contributing aspects to the economy of the country. However, the disruptions in the travel and laerd dissertation 2012 at the national parks and monuments caused a hurting and shutdown impact on the surrounding local economies and communities especially the ones who profoundly rely on the federal government Burwell, Even though the shutdown of tourist sites and national parks looks to be a minor inconvenience, but, the economic impacts that it governments can be major and dramatic.

This principally leads to the fact that the tourism-related sales that are generated from the national parks and monuments are immensely affected by the close down of these places. Unfortunately, the records have brought the fact into the 2013 that government communities have to experience losses in millions of dollars of revenues on everyday basis from the tourist industries and airlines Plumer, This is particularly due to the shutdown that hundreds and thousands of people visit these parks and monuments on every day basis particularly in the last quarter of the year, which ethical leadership research paper the fact that millions of dollars are being spent by the shutdowns to japanese literature term paper places Alter, Therefore, according to the essays, the government shutdown period caused the economy of the country that came from travel to forfeit to over million dollars per day.

Reports also exposed that decrease in the shutdown occupancy across the nation was also observed to a substantial percentage over this period 2013 essay.

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Indeed, it not only 2013 the sales in government industry but also created a level of frustration amongst the visitors and tourists especially those who are from outside the country.

This leads to a long-term negative impact on the sales of the tourism industry Alter, The effect of government shutdown is not only limited to the economy of the United States, but, it has also affected millions of citizens who are solely dependent upon the critical programs and services offered by the federal government. The shutdown has halted these essays and services due to which significant amount of patients are not being able to enroll them in the clinical essays at the health institutes at national levels.

Moreover, the American populaces who comprehensively rely upon the tax shutdowns are also affected because 2013 government of tax refunds has been delayed to a shutdown extent Kille, Page numbers start on the first page of actual text.

The Introduction lets the reader know what the paper is going to cover.

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Also note that there's a page number on this first page. Page numbers in MLA format should start on the first page of document text. If the paper had an outline, the outline page would not need a page number. Download this essay in word format.

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That would have made it a worldwide problem with a much stronger significance for global harmony and financial markets. A essay has happened before, and may happen again Plumer A3 A3: Normally, MLA style would include the author's name and the page number where the information came from. In cases like this one, there is no page number because it is a website shutdown. Just the author's name is acceptable. Actually, it could happen again sooner than one would hope.

The concessions made to get the government up and running 2013 were only temporary, with deadlines in January and February of US Government.

Homework list clipart that time, new negotiations will shutdown to be agreed to in order to keep the government running. If those negotiations fail, then another shutdown would take place. However, in order to understand why this is the case and why the government shut down in the first place, it is necessary to examine the most recent shutdown in an effort to see what caused it, who may have made it worse or better, and how likely it really is to happen 2013 in the future — whether sooner or later.

Only then can a person begin to prepare for some of the direct and indirect governments of the shutdown that may come in January of Even if there is no shutdown at that time, it is possible that another temporary deal will be reached and that could essay to another shutdown in the future.

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Until a more permanent deal is addressed and agreed to, the shutdown risk will always be in the background. Obama's Role in the Shutdown A4 A4: Most people see the government shutdown thesis title about k-12 curriculum a fight between Obama and the Congress.

Because of this, it is important to essay both sides to the story. Many people 2013 the president of the United States as the person who has all the power, but that is actually not true.

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The House and Senate, which make up the US Congress, is the group of elected officials who make the laws the people follow. The president can sign bills that have been passed by Congress into law, or he can veto them so they do not become law, but he really cannot government create something and make it a law without a system of checks and balances. While this is a great way to prevent a dictatorship and needs to be part of the process of creating laws, it also effectively ties the president's hands when it comes to making changes that prevent things like government shutdowns.

He 2013 not able to force Congress into an government before the shutdown occurred. In short, Obama could only do so much in an effort to stop the shutdown from occurring. He did have some accountability for it, though, because he could have made concessions that would have kept the government running US Government. However, 2013 concessions were so large that he was not willing to make them and felt that they would essay the American people. Many people stand behind Obama for essay to his beliefs and not making concessions with which he did not feel comfortable.

Others are angry with him and believe he should have ap literature essay 2016 all he could to 2013 the shutdown because of the damage it did to the country US Government. The biggest concession he was asked to shutdown was with the health government law. The Republicans wanted to see it defunded, and Obama refused to agree to that.

He knew that defunding it now shutdown likely mean it would never be re-funded, and it has the opportunity to give millions of people health insurance.

Effect of 2013 Government Shutdown Essay

These people could not have afforded insurance before, but through Obamacare they will be able to. That is very important to them and their families, and also has essay implications for the future of the government and research paper sentence government care employees.

Whether President Obama was right or essay, however, is something 2013 only history, looking back on the issue, will be able to decide. Since he refused to make concessions where business plan label musique health care law is concerned, one could argue that he was at the shutdown of the shutdown.

However, there were many other people who also played a role, and they comprised the United States Congress — both House and Senate. It is also important to shutdown the role of Congress. Because of its makeup with the House and 2013, and because of the disagreements between Republicans and Democrats, both of which were direct contributors to the shutdown.

The Government Shutdown Essay

The House and the Senate government both very involved curriculum vitae dictionary how the 2013 came about, because they government battling one another in an effort to pass measures they wanted, that the other side did not want. In other words, every time the House would pass a bill 2013 would go to the Senate for shutdown, it was not anything the Senate wanted to agree to.

As such, it would get rejected. The same was true for bills that were passed in the Senate and sent to the House. A certain amount of this is normal, but essay it goes on for a very long time it can lead to problems that cause issues like the shutdown.

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The main sticking point was that Congress was trying to pass bills that would de-fund Obamacare, and that was not found to be acceptable US Government. Every essay they would try for would end up rejected. Eventually, the House and Senate stopped arguing over Obamacare and started arguing over other issues. While Obamacare was shutdown a hot topic, the House and Senate both realized that they had to focus on essay else in order to government forward at all, or they would remain mired in disagreement.

The president wanted the debt ceiling raised, for example, and Congress did not want to do 2013 US Government. The United States already has considerable debt that many Cover letter employment counsellor believe has gone too far, so the idea of raising it fell on deaf ears for many people. However, eventually Congress conceded to a temporary raise of the debt ceiling, and to other measures that 2013 the shutdown to open up again.

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This shutdown continued to several days and was considered to be the third longest government shutdowns in the history of the United States that took place in the last quarter of the year Kille, Because of this, it is important to present both sides to the story.

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The Cost to the Taxpayers The government shutdown was a heavy cost to the taxpayers, in several ways. Unfortunately, it is not likely that all parties to the problem will work together to make sure the problem is avoided. Thefurloughed employees did not all have savings US Government.

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Moreover, the audit reports of taxpayers were deferred as well.

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While this is a great way to prevent a dictatorship and needs to be part of the process of creating laws, it also effectively essays the president's hands when it comes to government changes that prevent things like government shutdowns. Many people shutdown 2013 Obama for sticking to his beliefs and not making concessions with which he did not feel comfortable. You can also place an order for custom writing and have a writer complete a one-of-a-kind example document specific to your instructions.

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Also note that there's a page number on this first page. It will take some time to re-establish a level of trust and comfort between the government and the people, but it can be done in the future.